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  • Young statisticians: The afterwork:

Since the 44th Journées in Brussels (2012), the SFdS group Jeunes Statisticiens organizes an afterwork for young researchers and the guest lecturers of the Journées. Grab a drink and talk science, jobs and networking at Morel & fils, 31 place du Théâtre (metro station: Rihour), from 6.30 on Thursday, June 4.

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  •     YSP Online (Young Statisticians & Probabilists)

The YSP seminar joins the Journées, make your voice count!

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  2. Vote for your favorite themes here!
  3. Follow the trending topics here
  4. YSP Online Session, with Anne Gégout-Petit (Université de Lorraine), Nicolas Verzelen (INRA) and the group Young Statisticians, to discuss the most popular themes.

Registration to the events « Rencontre entre jeunes statisticiens et conférenciers invités » and « YSP » is free but mandatory. Please fill the following form to register.

Program : 8h45-9h45 Sophie Lambert-Lacroix « Functional mixed models » (conference)
10h-12h Job meeting: This meeting will allow small groups of young girls (high school) to meet profesionnal statisticians from the private and academic sectors.
Information and registration are available by contacting Laurence Broze.